Beaver Tourism Toolkit

In the heart of Argyll, a rare sight can be seen: wild beavers living back in Scotland as part of the Scottish Beaver Trial. If you are a tourism provider and keen to shout about this exclusive opportunity to your guests and clients, our free Beaver Tourism Toolkit will provide you with all the materials you need including photographs, video footage and a beaver spotting guide.

The perfect shot

Free, high quality images of the Knapdale beavers to use on your website:

Beaver swimming (c) Steve Gardner, Scottish Beaver Trial Beaver in Knapdale (c) Steve Gardner, Scottish Beaver Trial Beaver adult and kit (c) Steve Gardner, Scottish Beaver Trial

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Fascinating footage

Free, charismatic footage of the Knapdale beavers in action to feature on your website:


Step 1: Click on the video you would like to use (this will direct you to the YouTube page for each video):

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Guides for your guests

Ensure your guests and clients maximise their visit to the Scottish Beaver Trial with our specially designed information sheets, perfect for use in hotel room packs, noticeboards and table displays.

Visiting the Scottish Beaver Trial: ultimate guide

Visiting the Scottish Beaver Trial: the ultimate guide

Answers to all the frequently asked questions about visiting the Trial.
Including: when to visit, travel directions, what to wear and top beaver facts.

Top beaver spotting tips

Top beaver spotting tips

Increase your chances of spotting a beaver with our top tips. Discover the perfect spotting location, best times of day to visit and what to take with you.

Instructions: click on each icon to download and print at your leisure.

And there’s more…

Click here for further information about visiting the Scottish Beaver Trial including our brand new virtual guided tour.

Project partners

The Royal Zoological Society of ScotlandScottish Wildlife Trust
Forestry Commission Scotland

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    "I welcome the return of beavers to Knapdale. Beavers are fascinating creatures famed for their industrious habits, and their arrival to Knapdale is certainly creating a booming industry for local businesses." - Local businessman Darren Dobson, owner of the Cairnbaan Hotel

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    Beavers are back in Scotland!

    On 24 November 2016, the Scottish Government made the landmark announcement that beavers are to remain in Scotland. This is the first time that a mammal has been formally reintroduced in UK history.

    The trial population of beavers remains in Knapdale, and the Scottish Beaver partners are now focussing their efforts on re-enforcing this population to ensure its long term future.

    Boosting the Knapdale beaver population

    For updates on the beaver re-enforcement project, please visit the website of the Scottish Wildlife Trust or the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland by clicking on the adjacent logos.

    The Scottish Beaver Trial website

    Now that the Trial has ended, this website will no longer be updated. However, if you would like to browse our historical records on the website, please click the button to continue.

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