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The Scottish Beaver Trial team works directly on the ground, closely monitoring the beavers and engaging members of the local community, whilst also strategically developing the national profile of this pioneering project. The project team is made up of leading experts in the fields of nature conservation, beaver ecology and wildlife reintroductions. Meet the team by reading their profiles below:

Simon Jones, Project Manager, Scottish Beaver Trial

Simon Jones

Project Manager

"The Scottish Beaver Trial is the most exciting and groundbreaking wildlife project that I have worked on in my 15-year career within nature conservation. The reintroduction of the beaver to the UK is of national importance and if successful will, I believe, eventually help in restoring some of our most important wetland habitats at an ecosystem scale."

Roisin Campbell-Palmer, RZSS Project Leader, Scottish Beaver Trial

Roisin Campbell-Palmer

Field Operations Manager

"This Trial provides an exciting and fascinating opportunity for us to explore beaver reintroduction to Britain. I believe beavers could play an important role in the restoration of wetlands. The reintroduction of native species is a vital process in conservation. Research into improving these processes should bring benefits to individual health and welfare."

Robert Needham

Robert Needham

Field Officer

"I have always had a deep interest in the reintroductions of species for the benefit of conservation and increased biodiversity. Having the chance to work with the first mammal reintroduction in the UK - and a keystone species at that - is a real honour. Witnessing the positive effects that beavers have on their wetland habitats and the other species which depend on them for survival is the most interesting project I have worked on. This project is a major step forward for conservation in the UK."

Oly Hemmings

Olwen Hemmings

Education Ranger

"The Scottish Beaver Trial is so exciting, and as it’s the first reintroduction of a mammal anywhere in the UK, we are really lucky to have these animals here in the Heart of Argyll. I am so pleased to be on the project staff team as the Education Ranger, allowing me to share my enthusiasm with the general public and give the unique opportunity to local schools and other groups to come and see and learn about the habitat the beavers have created, the dam they have engineered and all the other wildlife they have helped to flourish in beautiful Knapdale."

Gill Dowse

Gill Dowse

Biodiversity Data Manager
Scottish Wildlife Trust

I am extremely happy to be involved in the Scottish Beaver Trial, not least because it gets me out into the field! It is a real privilege to see first-hand how the beavers have adapted to their Scottish home, how they're adapting their surroundings and the effects they have on other wildlife. The project is challenging and interesting, bringing together many different types of data to contribute to the independent monitoring programme.

Rob Ogden

Rob Ogden

Head of Conservation Science
Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

"The Scottish Beaver Trial represents a fantastic opportunity to bring together scientists, conservationists, policy makers and the general public to explore the possibilities for wildlife reintroductions. The success of the project to date demonstrates Scotland's capacity to undertake large scale conservation work and provides a solid platform for planning the future of beavers in Scotland."

Simon Milne, Chief Executive, Scottish Wildlife Trust

Simon Milne

Chief Executive
Scottish Wildlife Trust

"To me the most exciting thing about this inspired project is that it combines rebuilding our biodiversity with the restoration of natural processes. The first (trial) reintroduction of a native mammal to our country and the positive move towards re-establishing a Living Landscape is really worth celebrating."


Project partners

The Royal Zoological Society of ScotlandScottish Wildlife Trust
Forestry Commission Scotland

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    "The Scottish Beaver Trial has been widely anticipated in Argyll and Bute. I am fully supportive of the project and look forward to the day when beavers are back in Knapdale Forest." - Councillor Donald MacMillan

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    Beavers are back in Scotland!

    On 24 November 2016, the Scottish Government made the landmark announcement that beavers are to remain in Scotland. This is the first time that a mammal has been formally reintroduced in UK history.

    The trial population of beavers remains in Knapdale, and the Scottish Beaver partners are now focussing their efforts on re-enforcing this population to ensure its long term future.

    Boosting the Knapdale beaver population

    For updates on the beaver re-enforcement project, please visit the website of the Scottish Wildlife Trust or the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland by clicking on the adjacent logos.

    The Scottish Beaver Trial website

    Now that the Trial has ended, this website will no longer be updated. However, if you would like to browse our historical records on the website, please click the button to continue.

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